Training Professional Development Coaches

Training Professional Development Coaches

Nooteboom Consult trains and certifies Professional Development Coaches for the Dutch government regulated Dutch IFMS requirement.  (Individual Performance of Medical Specialists) .

The Professional Development Coaches are trained by the DANA method

(Developmental Appreciative Navigation Approach) . The purpose of this method is  to train and certify professional development coaches to systematically identify a physician’s unique talent and potential.

The following information can be found on the website of the Amsterdam Center for Professional Performance and Compassionate Care

From 2020, a new requirement for the individual re-registration of medical specialists (a.k.a. revalidation or Maintenance of Certification) will come into force. From then on, specialists will be obliged to evaluate their personal performance once every five years with the help of feedback from colleagues in their immediate working environment, and to discuss the results which emerge with an independent coach. This is known as the IFMS requirement: Individual Performance of Medical Specialists.

AMC approach
At the AMC, professional performance researchers have developed an IFMS approach at the request of the Executive Board and in conjunction with medical specialists, heads of departments and the HR department. In this model:

  • The primary focus is on the professional development of the specialist. The specialist and the professional development coach will work on a specific development goal in a session lasting two hours.
  • The coaches are mainly medical specialists working at the AMC. The medical specialists can choose their own coaches but they may not choose someone from their own division.
  • The coaches have been trained to conduct an appreciative, positive and solution-driven developmental interview in line with the DANA method developed by Annemiek Nooteboom in conjunction with the research group Professional Performance & Compassionate Care.
  • Supervised periodical peer review meetings are arranged for the coaches.
  • Feedback will be gathered using evidence-based tools (such as INCEPT, SETQ).
  • The IFMS activities will be evaluated by means of scientific research.