Personal Coaching

Working as a (medical) professional is comparable to practicing professional sports. On a daily basis, you strain yourself to get the best results in patientcare, scientific progress and training. In addition, you wish to flexibly deal with diverse situations, spend your time efficiently, grow in your career and derive pleasure from your job.


Your life and work will benefit when you are able to make balanced decisions based on a combination of rationality and emotion. To enhance your performance and well-being, coaching aims to enable this mechanism. 

You can also benefit from coaching when you:

  • Are in a leading position and you wish to speak with an independent sounding board 
  • Want to be led by your own intuition instead by the wishes of others
  • Want to communicate powerfully
  • Want to exert more influence
  • Wish to balance between collegiality and boundaries
  • Need to reduce inhibitory thoughts
  • Have a lot of trouble saying ‘ no ‘
  • Have overly high demands on yourself
  • Want to avoid burn-out

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